ATV Agrispred Spreader Quad Accessory

ATV Agrispred Spreader Systems

For the past few years the market has been demanding larger spreaders and we now feel the Aithison Agrispred SNG460 meets this demand with its ability to hold up to 500 kilos.

The Aitchison SNG460 has an outstanding design and is proven to be extremely accurate when spreading but most importantly it does not cover the ATV or rider with fertiliser.

The Aitchison Agrispred is available in two options, both ground driven. The SNG460 is manually engaged using a locating pin, whilst the SNGR460 has a remote engagement via a clutch

Agrispred Features

  • Capacity of 460 litres (approx. 500kg).
  • Spreading Width: 15m
  • Height:140cm
  • Full plastic hopper with optional lid.
  • Robust fully galvanised chassis.
  • Wide wheel spacing for excellent stability.
  • 6 ply flotation tyres.
  • Flat and wide stainless steel spreading plate.
  • Stainless steel aperture parts to prevent corrosion.
  • Height adjustable drawbar with swivel tow hitch for safety.
  • Simple drive-pin drive system, easy to engage and disengage.
  • Wide Tyres

Models Available

  • Aitchison SNG 460
  • Aitchison SNGR 460
  • Optional Lid (both models)

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